Things to Do

Things to Do

Some things to do:

Playa San Diego/ Los Cardones is a world class surf break. You will enjoy the waves mostly by yourself, at peak vacation times you might find a handful of other surfers out there and the benefits of over 250 days of offshore winds that come from Lake Nicaragua. We do not provide surf boards but most airlines allow you to bring your own.

For beginners, there is a surf school five minute walk down the beach. If you like to bodysurf and boogie board, you will find the shore break easy to ride yet safe enough.

Playa San Diego and Asuchillo Beach (only 7 km from Sol y Mar) ,are two of the most renowned sites in Nicaragua. The first one, described as a world class surfing destination, is a hollow, super fast left point breaking over a shallow reef that works well on a high tide. Meanwhile, Asuchillo works with swell, almond-shaped barrels. This break is fun for all surfing abilities, from experienced to beginners. Playa Asuchillo.

San Diego



    Most of Us find that we’re always going too fast … at Solymar, you can dial it down a notch, if you like! Some call it the hardship post.

The Rainforest

    SOL Y Mar is a short drive to an area that features plants and animals found in the lowland rainforests. and this country has the largest rainforest in the New World outside of the Amazon Basin.

Horse Riding

    A great way to explore from our vacation beach home, is to hop on a gentle horse that will take you for hours along the secluded beach. You will enjoy the comfort of a pick up at our gate located on the playa.


    Show your kids the abundance of nature in this tropical paradise. Turtles hatch along Playa San Diego and visits to other places can be a day or overnight trip.


    No Surf? No problem, hit the trails nearby for an amazing adventure with MTB-019 Tours.